Love Muzik meets Freeformation  Friday February 25th 0001
Love Muzik vs Freeformation


Friday 20th October 2006
@ Hidden, 100 Tinworth Street, Vauxhall, SE11 5EQ
2300 – 0700

Wise up, love muzik, get stupid and enjoy the most friendly, havin’ it and forward thinking rave of the Autumn! Under the passionate party visions of Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter, Love Muzik has given London’s underground its most intimate and shiny sessions of ‘06 whilst Kevin Energy & Sharkey’s Freeformation have rocked Brixton Academy, gone bonkers at three filled-to-capacity Hidden parties and generally caused party mayhem and tomfoolery wherever they’ve gone. Together, the two promotions are uniting some of the globe’s biggest DJ talents as well as bringing you the London tour launch of the exciting new Elevate album from Tranzlation and the Nu Energy Collective. A London rave party like no other, there’s everything from groovin’ funky house to timeless trance classics and old skool anthems right up to tomorrow’s hard dance and the most banging hardcore around…and you lot, the shiniest, friendliest bunch of ravers the capital knows. So come on, let the DJs that have been shaping London’s rave underground from its very beginnings take you on a journey into its bright new future.

And don’t forget – as this is the OFFICIAL launch party for Kevin Energy & Phil York’s brand-spanking-new double CD Elevate, you can expect to hear some of Hard Dance’s tastiest future classics throughout the night – as showcased on the album!

Love Muzik - The future is here!

Hard Dance Room

Billy Daniel Bunter b2b Phil York b2b Kevin Energy (2 Hour Special)
Cally Gage
Elvis vs Digital Kid
Double Trouble

Classics Room

Billy Daniel Bunter
Mark Ashley (Classic Trance Set)
Dirty Jay

Hardcore Room – Wise Up, Get Stupid!

Sharkey & Billy Daniel Bunter (World Exclusive GBT/Bonkers era originators set!)
Kevin Energy & Mark Ashley (Wise Up, Get Stupid set!)
K Complex & Arkitech (Freeformation future showcase)
Gammer (Essential Platinum / Muffin Music showcase)
CLSM (Underground TV / Tasty Innovator)
Ethos & Nemesis (Future Dance anthems!)
Technikore (Technikal’s Hardcore exclusive!)

MCs Sharkey, Ethos, Odyssey & Smiley

Catch Billy Daniel Bunter’s Love Muzik show every Tuesday between 6PM & 8PM on & Sky Digital Channel 0198.

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Limited £10+BF Tickets on sale now!

Ticketweb: 08700 600 100 /
Love Muzik: 07976 418522 /
Freeformation: 07962 928 623 /

Exclusive Freeformation merchandise stall + Get Stupid fancy dress competition!

Check out some awesome pictures from Love Muzik on Dont Stay In  Tuesday February 22nd 0001
The Dsi camera crew were out in force for the 1st 3 Love Muzik's.

100's of pictures have been taken.

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Jon Doe Interview - What exactly is Underground TV???  Thursday July 21st 0001
What the hell is Underground TV eh? What is it??. Underground is a half hour tv show based around hard dance, hardcore, drum and bass and some other peripheral types of music that would be interesting to that same group of people. Its one of those things where you get so immersed in an idea and push so far with it, that when you put your head up for air you realise that you may have gone too far! Its almost like lying on your cv and then being challenged to carry it out.

What’s the whole idea behind RaptureTV show anyway?. The idea was to address the non existence of hard dance on telly- I was always fascinated by any glimpse of a rave on telly and that mainly ended in 1995 when bpm stopped. Even that hardly ever had the hardcore stuff on there- loads of Dave Dorrell and house producers. Myself and Andy went and filmed a few gigs back in February and created a demo (it actually took us 8 weeks to make a 13 minute show) and showed it to Rapture. They were confused and said yes- make us 13 shows. On a weekly basis its an extrmeme job filming at the weekends and then putting the shows together. I am full time while Andy films at the weekends and edits on Wednesdays and Thursdays- his girlfriend Leela films and is also a production assistant and we have various other helpers making projects. The Technicians of the Museum of Techno will be the stars of the show- every week they make an extra part of their techno tune and should finish it on week 13. meanwhile the Nu Energy collective are being interviewed by iDJ mags Sarah Wiles and those pieces are just starting to come in- the first is with DJ/MC/Producer Sharkey.

You have been continuing with your successful CLSM project over the past year, churning out more forward-thinking hardcore. What’s next for you and your production plans?. Well, in between the demo stage and starting the series production in mid May I mixed the bonkers album back to back with Sharkey. It was mental. I hadn’t really clocked that I was doing it until a contract came through the door. Sharkey has mixed all 16 Bonkers and so our mix was in on time and we are both really happy with it. The CLSM projects have always been open in terms of what they are, this includes non musical things or semi musical things. We once constructed 5 goat characters and a device to transmit to Mars- it was the middle of winter an snowing- that included a noise but not much music. Another project was making the ‘Transmission to Mars’ video. It was an hour long and went with the music for the album and we showed it to a group of 20 people in a studio- nobody has a copy. So Underground is a CLSM production. I am very fired up musically as I cant take time out of the video stuff to make music- it will have to wait until November.

Are you ever going to get back in the studio with that rogue Billy “Daniel” Bunter?. I would think so. We have made music under various guises since 1998.

What’s the most exciting music you’ve been hearing recently?. You really have to hunt for the good stuff, especially the tracks that other djs have not found, but there is some exellent European stuff around at the moment and also a suprising old skool Jungle stuff as well. Hardcore breaks is on the up at the moment, check out ‘Blackboard Jungle’ by Running Man on Firewall records.

You are back with the Tasty crew for their next Love Muzik event at Hidden on August 5th. How was the recent Tasty at Renaissance Rooms for you? What did you make of the new venue?. The love Music event is the club launch for our TV show, so it would be cool to pop down there and check it out. They have just installed some new sound in there too which was my only problem with that venue. The big Tasty at the Renaissance rooms was amazing. We filmed most of the night for our show and it was the first time in a long time that hard dance has been really exciting- each Dj had lots of energy and individual style- this is the way back for a new breed of hard dance in London. Previously people were saying hard dance was getting stale but there are Djs out there making and playing new and fresh music. Having to film every week in clubs for the last 10 weeks (and staying the whole night) has let me take a lot in over the whole clubbing spectrum, the last Tatsy was the regeneration of the hard dance scene in London and we can see how to continue it.

Love Muzik is all about embracing different musical genres and scenes within one event. Which scenes do you think are really kicking at the moment?. I am in a position covering loads of scenes at the moment so I don’t want to be biased towards one of them. Each individually have their own moments of being fantastic or utterly rubbish, there is not one of them that can’t kick it right now.

Hardcore definitely seems to be experiencing a bit of a resurgence in London at the moment. Do you feel the scene has benefited from embracing so many different influences?. It’s interesting you say that as the main flow of hardcore has narrowed itself down now to a very slick off beat bass, bouncy, mainly vocal sound. The new hardcore scene grew with lots of different influences, so yes the scene has benefited from them. Those influences are still there but most hardcore raves have to book all the main 8 or so djs so as they don’t look smaller than the other events doing the same. This increases the importance of those djs, then that’s what the crowd expects and it makes a cycle that the promoters dare not exit. Those djs are playing loads of events and smashing it up right now, the scene is at its biggest in almost ten years and it lies in the main djs to keep it there.

Have you been playing abroad at all recently, or do you have anything lined up?. I don’t usually go abroad as it takes up too much time and I usually have lots of things on the go. I should have been at the wemf festival this year in Canada but as the booking was confirmed the tv thing kicked off and Fusion/ HTID have the biggest rave this year to film and dj at, it would have killed too much filming and editing time to leave the country this weekend.

Billy Daniel Bunter & Jon Doe on a TV near you!!!  Thursday July 21st 0001


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